kuala kangsar-kuala lumpur-rombau

The title tell it all....
Ptg smlm, we decided to go back to kl as my hubby had some work to be done, so we pack our bags, after lunch we went straight ro KL. the road to kl was joyfull....but when we reached lembah beringin,  there was a slight traffic. There was an accident and the car involved was a viva.

Alhamdulillah, we reached my mom house around 7.30p.m
Had our dinner....then my mom invited us to come with her to see my younget sister at Rombau....she is at the PLKN..
So here we are again, on the road to Rombau.... again, on the road again.

I've promise to update about collagen powder shaklee later. Still need to do some researh about it... need to asked my current customers about their feedback after eating collagen powder.

;) see you guys on the next update...love you.

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