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Lately, i've been missing my old workplace. Friends, memories, situations, senarios etc. its a bit different now here... as i am a new person in this big office.

the most thing that i missed is my friends.... things are different here. i felt like i am an alien in another people looked at me and simple sigh at the looks of myself. well, maybe it is just me..... but still that is how i felt.

Welcome To Our Page

Welcome to our page..... nothing much that we can say. This is actually our second blog, as our first blog, I can't open it at my office. There for I am creating another blog dedicated to us...

Similar to the first blog, i'll do my best to update this blog everytime...... you can also check our first blog at

ok..that's all for now.. will update soon, insyaAllah. till then, maasalamah wa illalliqa'