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3 Months Old Adib

Time will definitely fly when you are having such a great time..... well my prince is now 3 months old. He is the apple of his grandparents eyes..
Last weekend, we went back home to KL as there was a weeding in Shah Alam. Everyone in the family was excited to see Adib again, as it has been a month since the last they saw him. As expected, the first person who greeted Adib was my mother...... then it was my father.
The first time my father greeted Adib, Adib smile and laugh at his grandfather.. How happy was my father to see such a smile on his grandson face...
And it was a sad goodbye when we said goodbye yesterday. My father seems very sad to say goodbye especially to his grandson... never mind, insyaAllah when there is time we will take Adib to see his Grand parents again....