Tangled.. a Disney latest production


Well yesterday was an interesting day for me. I went to Taiping and watched Tangled @ Rapunzel. This is the latest movie from Disney and it is a very interesting movie. Wish I had watched it in 3D. I thought my husband will like to watched it with me today, but alas... he said no....well life must go one right :).

Anyway, the introduction of this story is quite different compared to The Princess & The Frog or other Disney Princess Stories. It started with a narrator called Flynn Rider a.k.a the hero of the story, introduce the history of Rapunzel and how she was born and then gone, taken my the old Lady name Mother Gothel ( the villain of this story).

Oh well.. i can't tell you the whole lot of the story..... is just that when it is a Disney production, the way the story was created differ from the fairy tale that you know... and the ending is definitely beautiful....

Here is a trailer from this movie... from me, this is a movie to watched and to be entertained. For me.. as a non professional movie watcher, i'm giving this movie 5 out of 5 stars....hehehehe enjoyed watching it and happy weekends...

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